About MONO

Business Profile

MONO is a clothing brand established in 2018, based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Founded by three best friends, which have the same interest in the street-wear culture. MONO itself is inspired by the vast growing culture of street-wear spreading among the people of Surabaya, Indonesia. We promise products with superb quality for its reasonable prices. We choose to name our brand “MONO” with the intention to portray our interpretation of what monochrome means.

Black and white or in varying tones of only one color.

For us, we take the different shades of color and reflect it to show the ever-changing seasons of street-wear. We use this concept and adapt it to our own brand personality.

Vision & Mission

Our brand MONO thrives to express and share street style in a new perspective every season. MONO hopes to continue gaining our customer’s trust by continuously delivering designs, qualities, and affordability that reaches expectation.